10% Discount!

10% constructionwork discount.

We are pleased to offer you a discount of 10% on your summer booking due to the new staff accommodation construction work taking place this summer opposite the hotel and below our hotel.


A commitment to style in Austria.

The Schlosshotel Fiss is not a conventional Tyrolean luxury hotel, but a 5-star Spa hotel that lives, breathes, inspires, opens hearts and awakens the aesthete within. The reason is simple: the hotel’s grounded yet graceful elegance is the result of Simone and Bernadette Domenig’s personal passion for design.

Architecture in our 5-star Spa hotel in Austria.
An eye for detail.

Every timber, cushion, mirror and fabric has been carefully selected by the Domenigs to create a still life with a distinctive and authentic signature. The Schlosshotel Fiss is the quintessence of flawless restraint and understatement – enter the 5-star Spa hotel in Austria and feel the difference.


‘It’s not about fitting in with categories and fashions, but about personality and taste. We aim to create the kind of space that we enjoy ourselves, that sustains us, and allows us to experience externally what we feel and desire internally.’

Your hosts, the Domenig family