Fisser Blochziehen 2018 a huge success!

At exactly 12.30pm the ‘Schallners’, ‘Mohrelens’ and ‘Bajatzls’ opened one of Tyrol’s oldest Carnival customs: the Fisser Blochziehen. Around 10,000 visitors from far and wide came to enjoy the spectacle. With such a large crowd, it was sometimes difficult for the characters to proceed! However, under the guidance of an experienced wagoner and with the help of the bear and the ‘Miasmann’, they eventually managed to pull the 35-metre-long ‘Bloch’ through the village.


The event’s 300-strong troupe was exclusively cast from Fiss’ male population. Watched by numerous luminaries from the world of politics and business, the beautiful Swiss pine or ‘Bloch’ was pulled through the whole village to the Fonnes fairground where it was auctioned off by village mayor Markus Pale. The successful bid of €17,600 was placed by an eminent architect from Samnaun. The subsequent party with wagons, tents and stalls went on until the early hours.

The next Fisser Blochziehen will take place in two years’ time when it’s the children’s turn to perform this ancient ritual.


Fotos by: (c) Andreas Kirschner, (c) Manuel Pale, (c) Albin Hammerle

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