Preparations for the traditional Tyrolean carnival celebration in Fiss usually begin several months in advance. The festival has to be organised, the characters need to be defined, and there’s the not inconsiderable matter of obtaining a tree. The whole community is involved and, on the day, almost every household in Fiss is occupied in the event. It should be noted, however, that it’s only the village boys and men who are actively involved in pulling the ‘Bloch’.

FISSER BLOCHZIEHEN 2018 – getting the ‘Bloch’ tree

In late autumn, before the snow starts, the men of the village go to the meadow and forest area surrounding Fiss to get the ‘Bloch’, a beautiful Swiss pine. A different resident of Fiss is selected to fell the tree on each occasion. Most of the branches remain on the tree, although those on the underside that would make pulling the ‘Bloch’ difficult are removed. Any branches that come off during the tree’s transportation are grafted back on, but the top of the tree has to remain intact. The pine is taken to the ‘Kulturhaus’ arts and leisure centre where it rests on wooden blocks.

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