Interview with our director

Christian Buchhammer, General Manager at the Schlosshotel Fiss

Mr Buchhammer, could you describe for our readers what it is you do at the Schlosshotel Fiss?

II took on the role of General Manager at the Schlosshotel Fiss in October 2017. It’s a job that gives me a great deal of pleasure.

Where are you from?

Putz in Oberinntal is my village. Actually, it’s not very far from the Schlosshotel.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love all the amazing facilities in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region – in winter I ski, while in the summer I like nothing better than a good hike in the mountains. I’m also an avid motorcyclist and love our fantastic local cuisine.


How did you first get involved in gastronomy?

My mother worked in the industry, so I more or less grew up with it. The variety always appealed to me.

What else might you have become if you hadn’t followed the gastronomic career path?

To be honest, thinking about doing something else only encouraged me to find my professional home in hospitality!

What excites you about the hotel industry?

No two days are alike in this business. You are constantly faced with new tasks and challenges. The most exciting aspect of being a hotel manager is identifying and meeting these challenges.

What makes the Schlosshotel Fiss different from other hotels?

The family’s leadership and willingness to develop and improve all the time.

What is the Schlosshotel Fiss’ core target group?

The Schlosshotel is a family hotel that places great value on quality and on providing each family member with suitable services and facilities. Children can have fun in the Kids’ Club while their parents relax in our huge Spa area, or maybe the whole family might go for a day of quality time in the Family Spa. We cover a very wide range of holiday options for young and old.

What’s your advice to young people who are considering entering the hospitality business?

It’s very difficult to explain the special appeal of this industry. I would advise any young person who shows an interest to consider this profession. It’s a huge challenge, but in the end, it’s a really fun way to earn a living!

What’s your motto for the hospitality industry?

Every guest is a miracle and that’s how we should treat them!

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