Steak meets fine-dining sushi

Sushi master Mario expands the Beef Club’s range of gourmet delights

A special evening. A special restaurant: The Beef Club at the Schlosshotel Fiss. Informal. In the spirit of the age. With a fine-dining ambience. Enjoy an exceptional range of steaks and supreme sushi – available every evening.

Sushi specialities

Mediterranean and Japanese influences are evident in sushi chef Mario Zacares Horrillo’s sublime culinary creations. Every single piece of sushi is a highly considered masterpiece in which individual components combine flawlessly to create a sensational flavour experience. Modern-style California rolls feature avocado, flowers, herbs and Mario’s own sauce creations. Wrapped in top-quality nori, the tasty rice is made with a very special vinegar that has been aged for a long time – thereby infusing it with a delicate yet intense note. Mario is also very fussy about his seafood, and only serves the very best.

Chef’s choice: The SHF Beef Club crew recommends

  • Small Sushi Plate: a tasty taster
  • Big Sushi Plate: for sushi lovers
  • Deluxe Sushi Plate: an extraordinary sushi experience

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