Fascia week at the Schlosshotel Fiss – Fascia nutrition

Fascia nutrition - Strong fascia and connective tissue require the right nutrition. Robust wiring makes a strong machine, and our skeleton and fascia together form a tensile network that supports our bodies. To fortify the tissue and fascia, it is vital that we eat foods with plenty of vitamin C and lysine, and that we take plenty of exercise. >>

Fascia training at the Schlosshotel Fiss

In the week from 18 to 22 September,.2017 the Schlosshotel Fiss hosts a special fascia training week. From Monday to Friday, our spa manager and qualified fitness trainer Anton Waldner leads daily fascia workshops, training sessions and talks. From fascia training to fascia rollers, fascia nutrition and fascia Yoga, learn everything there is to know about the human body’s all-round superstar. SHF Backstage will also be sharing plenty of background info, tips and tricks to help you keep your fascia fit at home. >>