Walking holidays in Tyrol – the Witches’ Trail

Thomas Brezina’s Adventure Mountains – the Witches’ Trail

A witch called Grisabella, an explosion at the Schönjoch ridge in Fiss, an upside-down cottage, and a host of riddles and challenges await your skills and resourcefulness. The Witches’ Trail is the second of the adventure hikes we present in our series of blog posts about walking holidays in Tyrol.

The Witches’ Trail starts at the Schönjochbahn midway station in Fiss, right on the doorstep of the Schlosshotel, so it makes an ideal destination for a half-day outing in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region. You may also like to combine the Witches’ Trail adventure with a visit to the Fun Park Fiss for a full day of fabulous fun.

Start at the Schlosshotel Fiss

Naturally, our young detectives will need to be suitably kitted out for their adventure along the Witches’ Trail. At the Schlosshotel’s reception, they are handed their adventure backpack, and are good to go! Up onto the ski slope (no snow in summer!), and then onward to the Schönjochbahn (red gondola).

Walking holidays in Tyrol – the Witches’ Trail

The Witches’ Trail starts at the Schönjochbahn midway station. After arriving at the top, a leisurely, five-minute walk towards the valley in the direction of Kuhalm leads you to the entrance of the Witches’ Trail.

The upside-down cottage

Grisabella Glockenkuss messed up one of her witchcraft experiments, and has accidentally blown up her cottage. It flew sky high, and landed – upside-down – in the forest. During this mishap, much of her furniture was scattered all around the forest path, and when our intrepid young detectives enter her cottage, they discover that everything else is topsy-turvy. That’s when the real adventure begins: strange sounds, obstacles and obstructions… and then? Come and find out for yourself!

The Witches’ Trail

  • Walking time: 1 – 2 hours
  • Altitude difference: 430m
  • Start: Schönjochbahn midway station

Crash landing in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

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