Alpine Spa. Austrian 5-star Spa hotel.

Seeing. Feeling. Wishing you could stay forever.

Ease has its home where the essence of Alpine power can be felt among the most beautiful peaks. Elegant design with clean, sophisticated lines entices you to stay – so that the kiss of ease may linger like that of the Muses on the great artists. Harmony, aesthetic sensitivity, relaxation and freedom come together to create an environment that makes the Schlosshotel Fiss one of Tyrol and Austria’s most remarkable 5-star Spa hotels.

5 stars, 5,000sqm and 5 senses.
In your Spa hotel in Tyrol, Austria.

Heart and spirit soar when sunlight floods the Aqua Monte Waterworld. Snuggle up on your very own lounging island and let the soothing influence of sauna and steam take effect. Savour your encounters with massages, beauty, and body treatments that draw on precious Alpine essences. Celebrate your Schlosshotel experience with Austrian wellbeing at 5-star level.

We proudly present: the Family Spa.
Wellbeing and children at the Schlosshotel Fiss.

Cherished and carefree. Experience the physical body and feel the inner self grow. Children are precious, so we have made a truly special place of wellbeing at the Schlosshotel Fiss: the Family Spa. This textile zone includes a Finnish sauna, steam room, fragrance station and special treatments for children and teenagers. Our definition of family wellbeing in Austria at 5-star level. Enjoy!

Aqua Monte Waterworld.

Open. Expansive. Sparkling and pure.

Our fresh, crystal clear mountain spring water is the region’s greatest treasure. Experience the Alps’ purest element at first hand in our Aqua Monte Waterworld.
Our invitation: immerse yourself!

Schloss Spa.

Saunas. Style. And aesthetic sensitivity.

As the world awakens, our sauna attendant makes his first round through the silent Schloss Spa. Every day, he joins you in celebrating the art of letting go in the presence of the magnificent Ötztal Alps.

Family Spa.

For children. Teenagers. And happy families.

Since you’re never too young to be pampered and family time is the best time, we have created a space of relaxation for the whole family. Discover it!

Fitness & Schloss Gym.

Strength. Dynamism. Vitality.

As well as keeping us fit, exercise is a proactive approach to life. It helps us meet challenges. Go beyond our limits. Our highly qualified instructors are on hand to support you.

Schlosshotel Fiss Spa vouchers.

The perfect gift choice. Make someone happy with a gift voucher from your favourite hideaway: the Schlosshotel Fiss. Present your loved ones, friends, employees and colleagues with gift vouchers from our 5-star hotel in Austria.