Forest Bathing

Back to the roots: forest bathing with SHF health trainer Anton Waldner

These days it’s not enough to relax – it’s also about slowing down. Simply letting yourself be pampered is a thing of the past – today it’s about mindfulness. Spa therapies and workouts in the gym are complemented by active recreation in nature.


Forest Bathing is part of our activity programme in summer.

Forest Bathing & Mountain Dew experience
Regeneration with nature

Forest bathing and mountain dew experiences are two recent additions to our wide range of treatments and activities at the Schlosshotel Fiss. Our fabulous location in the heart of the mountains means we are able to offer unique highlights such as these. The hotel is located on the edge of the forest, where we invite guests to join us on an adventure that will strengthen the immune system by bringing them into contact with natural substances known as terpenes given off by the trees. Forest bathing activates the vagus nerve, known for its calming and regenerative properties in the human body.

Healing effect

Studies have found that just two hours in the forest reduces the concentration of the stress hormone adrenaline in the blood by 30% in men and 50% in women. At the same time, it also strengthens the immune system. The number of ”killer cells“ – cells which target other cells in the body altered by pathogens or affected by illnesses such as cancer – rises by up to 40%. Further benefits can include reduced blood pressure and a slower heartbeat. Our thoughts become calmer and our head becomes clearer, freeing up space for creativity and pleasure.

Wellness is a way of life
Wellness 2.0

Today, wellness is about much more than just sauna, swimming and massages. Wellness is a way of life. It is an act of mindfulness and a gift to yourself. It gives us what we need in today’s busy world, creating an equilibrium and balancing the demands placed on us by daily life. It is a mirror reflecting our times, our wishes and our desires.


For more details please speak to a member of staff at the spa reception. We look forward to welcoming you!