Fascia training at the Schlosshotel Fiss

Fascia rollers, fascia exercises or fascia Yoga: the SHF’s special fascia weeks are simply ‘fascianating’!

Professional athletes including Bastian Schweinsteiger and superstars such as Gwyneth Paltrow are enthusiastic advocates of fascia training – the latest fitness trend for athletes and celebrities. No matter whether the topic is fascia Yoga, fascia exercises, fascia rollers or nutrition for a healthy fascia, this connective tissue seems to be on everyone’s lips – as well as forming a huge part of the human body. Fascia has now taken the place once held by skin as the ‘largest of the human sense organs’. Once regarded as a secondary tissue, we now know that fascia can be responsible for a range of issues, including the universal problem of back pain. This connective tissue primarily consists of collagen, and contributes significantly to fitness, posture and general physical wellbeing. Find out about fascia training and benefit from tips and tricks to try at home during the Schlosshotel Fiss’ fascia weeks.

Fascia training made easy – it’s all about the versatile tissue at the SHF.

What is fascia? What does it do? How do we get our fascia moving? Is it possible to train the fascia? What damages fascia? These are just some of the questions we answer in lectures, workshops and training sessions. Every day features items on fascia fitness, from fascia training and fascia Yoga to fascia nutrition. Toni Waldner is our fitness and wellness professional, and he communicates everything you need to know about the new fitness trend and ‘largest human sense organ’.

3,00sqm Schloss Gym

At our hotel, fitness is not just a lifestyle statement: it’s a passion. The daily programme of classes and activities run by our friendly expert instructors and our first-class, 300sqm Schloss Gym can be supplemented by personal training sessions and exercise therapy. Open daily 7am – 10pm.

5,000sqm SPA – blissful post-fascia training relaxation

Fascia training is hard work. Restore tranquillity and balance to body and mind after fascia training or fascia Yoga in the Schlosshotel Fiss’ 5,000sqm SPA and wellbeing area. Whether in the Aqua Monte Waterworld or our Finnish sauna, this is where fitness is restored for the powerful fascia training days to come.