Energy in harmony


For over five thousand years, the experience, wisdom, and dedication of countless masters have been poured into the traditional Indian art of Ayurveda – creating a healing practice that returns us to a deeper inner balance. As a well founded system of diagnosis and treatment, Ayurveda is “the science of a long and healthy life” which connects body, mind, soul and the five Panchamahabhutas (elements) – on the basis of which the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are described. If these three doshas are in a balanced relationship, we enjoy health and spiritual abundance in the Prakriti state.

Ayurveda Massages

The SHF Ayurvedic massages are individually designed according to your dosha type and are a wonderful way to bring your own natural disposition into harmony, to balance energies, and to find lasting relaxation. However, it is not only through massages and the right choice of oils that the effectiveness of Ayurveda can have a healing influence on your life. Ayurveda therapist Agnes Surdi-Papocsi will introduce you to this science, help you recognise your dosha type, and give practical tips for a more balanced life in full harmony.


“Relax – let go – feel at home” Herbal oils and aromatic oils are used to improve blood circulation, nourish the skin, revitalise muscles, release blockages, and relax the body and mind. It also has a harmonising and detoxifying effect.

80 MIN € 140,00


A soothing massage focussing on the feet and calves with the use of herbal oils. This massage relieves pain in your feet, it stimulates circulation to alleviate health problems, and relaxes your body and mind.

50 MIN € 95,00