Schlosshotel Fiss: the number one hotel
for children in Tyrol.

Bright eyes.

No two days are alike, and no outing resembles another. Watches and clocks become almost obsolete as they only tell you it’s time to eat. Time has a different rhythm at the Schlosshotel’s Kids’ Club, and only the unwritten laws of adventure apply: the edicts of pirates, princesses and fairies. Even gravity fails to hold sway: the kids notice this as soon as they enter the hotel’s Splash Waterworld.

The Schlosshotel Kids’ Club.
Austria and a children's hotel with guaranteed adventure.

Whether indoors or out, this is a place of laughter, creativity, song, dance, crafts and play. Woods and meadows are explored and mountains climbed. Fun, laughter and great slides in the exciting Schlosshotel Fiss’ Splash Waterworld. Play and party with other children and teenagers until sunset or even longer on your unforgettable family holiday in Tyrol.

The children’s hotel in Tyrol.
Huge smiles.

What better place for a selfie than the top of a mountain? Perhaps with a pure mountain lake in the background, or set in a magical section of forest? Your children and teenagers embark on a treasure hunt in the fabulous world of mountains and valleys, ably supervised by our experienced guides and Kids’ Club child carers. Our guided hiking and cycling tours provide sporting highlights and ideal opportunities for joint endeavours and great achievements.

Thrills, marvels and legends.

Unique attractions.

When your kids return to you at the end of the day with tales of flying, witches and bear hunts, don’t be surprised: they’re telling you the unvarnished truth. Don't believe it? Then why not come along next time round and experience the region's attractions for yourself.

'Cycling is boring.'

You won’t be hearing that lament after a visit to the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis bike park.

Being a spectator is just as thrilling and will inspire you to try it yourself. And you can. As can your children. The Kids’ Park offers them the opportunity to really go for it and get to know a whole new way of cycling.

Lakes & play areas.

Wolfsee and Högsee.

Two beautiful lakes with exceptional attractions including adventures such as the woodcutter's playground, wooden marble run, trampoline and 'Schneisenfeger' roller coaster. There are so many ways to enjoy the incredibly clear water. Youngsters love the mountain stream near the Komperdellbahn cable car: the 15,000sqm discovery area offers water games, a gold panning area and lots more.

Family holidays in Serfauss-Fiss-Ladis are guaranteed fun for the whole family. With this many activities your children will always have something to do and discover. Send now a non-binding inquiry to the family hotel. The team of Schlosshotel Fiss is looking forward to your visit!