Complete wellbeing at one of Austria’s most remarkable 5-star Spa hotels.

A perfect association of architecture, ambience and invigorating warmth.

With breathtaking views of the Tyrolean mountains and 50sqm of glorious sauna space, the jewel in the crown of the Schloss Spa sauna area is the Finnish panorama sauna. It is the heart of a simple and elegant arrangement of sauna experiences that include sauna ‘Aufguss’ sessions with our dedicated sauna specialist.

Schlosshotel Fiss.
The Spa hotel in Tyrol in Austria.

Superbly located on the sunlit Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis plateau, the Schloss Spa offers sophisticated rest and regeneration. The Finnish panorama sauna is the heart of the hotel’s sauna area: infrared cabin, salt & aromatherapy steam rooms, Kneipp pool, plunge pool, Hammam, the Relax Pavilion, Silent Lounge and Private Spa Suite offer an authentic and varied Spa experience.

Finnish sauna.

Follow tradition.

Feel your body. Intensively. Purification and blazing vitality. Choose from several daily sauna ‘Aufguss’ sessions.

Temperature: 80 – 100°C
Humidity: 10%
Recommended time: 10 – 15 minutes

Aromatherapy steam room.

Harnessing the power of fragrance.

Essential oils. Complete relaxation and moderate temperatures. An inspiration for the soul and senses.

Temperature: 45 – 50°C
Humidity: 100%
Recommended time: 10 – 15 minutes

Salt steam room.

Therapeutic all-rounder.

Salt steam is a therapeutic all-rounder. Savour the clarifying, purifying and inspiring effects of the simply elegant salt steam room.

Temperature: 45 – 50°C
Humidity: 100%
Recommended time: 10 – 15 minutes

Infrared sauna.

Enjoy deeply penetrating heat.

Long-lasting relaxation. Benefit from current scientific findings and rediscover the source of your serenity. Infrared heat is ideal in preparing the body for massage.

Temperature: individually adjustable
Recommended time: 20 – 30 minutes

Kneipp pool.

Fountain of youth.

In the 19th century Sebastian Kneipp developed a form of therapy that we appreciate now more than ever. Whether as a preventative or curative measure, this form of hydrotherapy is a veritable fountain of youth.


Purifies body and mind.

Harmony and consonance as our Hammam attendant guides you through this ancient, powerful ritual. The Schloss Spa’s Hammam opens the door to a charmed world of wellbeing.

Private Spa Suite.

Together. In harmony. Pampered.

Share precious moments of romance with beneficial, natural ingredients sourced from the Alps.


Feel the gentle tingling on your skin.

The warmth of the water. Shut your eyes and savour these precious hours in the Schloss Spa. Welcome to our Jacuzzi.

Plunge pool.

Simply a must after your sauna.

Elegantly integrated into the Schloss Spa’s garden, cool off in our covered outdoor plunge pool for added vitality.

Recommended time: 10 – 20 seconds

Wellness Lounge.

Time for calm.

A fragrant cup of tea. Fresh and dried fruit. The Grander water fountain. The open fire. The Wellness Lounge is elegant and sophisticated in every detail. The interplay of form, colour and function offers inspiration between sauna sessions and treatments.

Lounging islands.

Undisturbed. Private.

Soft leather. Beautiful cushions. Beautifully designed and supremely comfortable, the lounging islands are a twofold highlight in the charming and relaxed ambience of the Schloss Spa.

P(h2). Silent Lounge.

Space for soothing silence.

It’s a regular heartbeat that bids our thoughts to rest. The crackle of the open fire. And natural materials that generate the Silent Lounge’s deeply soothing appeal.

Relax Pavilion.

Heated waterbeds. Privacy. Serenity.

Design and architecture encourage you to look – and remain – inward, drawing renewed strength from pure relaxation. Discover the charm of the Relax Pavilion in the Schlosshotel Fiss, your Spa hotel in Tyrol in Austria.

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