Exclusive family holiday in Fiss

Happiness, nature and adventure in a location for discerning families

Your Schlosshotel family experience is so much more than just a family holiday in Fiss. These days are days of happiness and relaxation. Days to make the kids happy and wow the teenagers. To give yourself and your family exactly what you all want. A special time, made all the more special if every day brings a new experience.

Summer: Family holiday Fiss

Happiness up on high in the mountains of adventure

Every mountain adventure is a new highlight. No day is the same as the last - and children’s laughter is never more wonderful than when they’re biking, hiking or having fun in the summer fun parks and adventure parks around the Schlosshotel Fiss.

Winter: Family holiday Fiss

Winter wonderland and ski resort in a class of their own

Getting kids enthused is an easy thing to do when the winter mountains have it all: safe skiing adventures in Berta’s Kinderland, outstanding fun parks, family slopes with magnificent views and sparkling slopes to speed down on a sledge. 

5-star family hotel in prime location

A good choice for all seasons

Our 5-star family hotel is a prime location for every season and makes it so easy to explore the very best of the mountains. Ski-in & ski-out in winter, outstanding hiking spots in summer, and family wellness in autumn. The Schlosshotel Fiss is always the right choice. With the hotel’s own SHF sports shop and ski rental, free bike rental, children’s strollers and sledge service, the Aqua Monte and Splash Waterworlds and, of course, the variety-packed SHF Kids’ Club programmes and teenagers’ room and endless relaxation, comfort and family-friendly luxury for your family holiday in the mountains of Fiss. 

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