Alpine Essence

A relaxing steam bath infused with herbal essences prepares your body for a natural honey-salt scrub, gently cleansing your skin. The scrub is followed by a soothing bath using precious pine and honey extracts. This lavish bath will invigorate the senses and calm the mind. A glass of sparkling wine enjoyed in the peaceful luxury of our spa rounds off this indulging full-body ritual.

Single: ca. 60 MIN € 115,00

Couple: ca. 110 MIN € 255,00

Sacred Nature Couple Treatment

Begin your personal spa journey with a calming foot bath and foot massage, and surrender your senses for the ultimate experience of natural relaxation. Our herbal steam bath ideally prepares your skin for the subsequent full-body massage, using precious arnica, St John’s wort and traditional marmot oil. A glass of fine sparkling wine will round off the experience of perfect relaxation.

Couple: ca. 110 MIN € 255,00

Botanical Reverie Couple Treatment

Enjoy a relaxing steam bath infused with herbal essences in order to prepare your skin for the subsequent herbal stamp massage. This special ritual will transport you to a haven of tranquillity and provide potent-healing before your body is nourished with an herbal bath. Round off your spa visit with a glass of sparkling wine and fully unwind on your way to a new sense of wellbeing.

Couple: ca. 110 MIN € 255,00

Essence of the Earth Couple Treatment

Indulge in the riches of nature’s elements. This calming body ritual begins with an herbal steam bath preparing your body for a deeply cleansing scrub. A blend of precious rock salt, biopir, and St John’s wort is applied to treat your skin before toxins are removed in a gentle salt bath. The ritual concludes with a massage, using pure natural salts for an unforgettable spa experience.

Couple: ca. 110 MIN € 285,00