Massage for mothers-to-be

Designed to cater for the individual needs arising from pregnancy, our maternity massages and body treatments nurture your changing body and offer relaxation to you and your growing baby. Alleviating tension in the lower back is a must for any mother-to-be. The further along you are in your pregnancy the greater the relief as our specialised prenatal massages are given in a comfortable side position. Tight muscles in your lower back and tension held in your buttocks are relieved in the most gentle way possible, leaving you ready for the next stage in your pregnancy.


Pelvic and lumbar pain is also a regular occurrence during pregnancy, often radiating into the shoulders, neck, and head. In order to provide relief, our qualified therapists gently but effectively massage your shoulders and neck.


Many women also suffer from heavy, swollen legs. Lymph vessels may be blocked due to the position of the child you bear, resulting in tissue swelling and discomfort. Do not let these twinges and pains simply go unheeded. Our trained therapists will gladly provide the means to ease tensions and help you refresh and enjoy this precious time in your life.

25 MIN € 58,00

50 MIN € 95,00