Active holiday in Tyrol, Austria

Stay fit with our SHF guided activity programme

Find your balance during a yoga session or strenghten your muscles with a full body workout. Discover the picturesque landscapes around Schlosshotel Fiss during a hiking tour with SHF hiking guide Christian or explore the area during our hike & bike experience.


Click on "Sports" to get an overview of the upcoming SHF guided activity programme:

SHF guided activity programme

Boost your health

A feeling of contentment finds its way into your body. You take a deep breath and feel joy because you have done something good for your body. Movement and exercise support your fitness and vitality.


The varied SHF guided activity programme offers daily fitness classes with experienced coaches. In harmony with nature or in the Schloss Gym - at Schlosshotel Fiss, nothing is in the way of your active holiday in Tyrol.

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