Moxibustion is an ancient healing method stemming from traditional Chinese medicine. This ancient technique involves burning dried mugwort to energetically target and activate specific acupressure points through the heat applied to your body. Moxa adds new energy to the body by stimulating its own healing powers. Moxibustion is a great complement to any of our massage treatments.

25 MIN € 55,00

50 MIN € 89,00

Cupping therapy

Cupping is an ancient form of body therapy based on the principle of detoxification, thus freeing the body from toxins and other unwanted substances straining your system. This speciality bodywork treatment uses suction and negative pressure to remove toxins, lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow and tone to muscles and skin. As a type of deep-tissue massage, it also activates specific reflex zones and their corresponding organs. Painful adhesions are successfully released and wellbeing is restored.

50 MIN € 89,00


Lie down on our preheated massage table and let yourself be pampered by your therapist, gently dousing you with pure water before carefully exfoliating your skin using a silk glove. A sensual massage concludes the purifying ceremony before we invite you to unwind with a cup of tea in our relaxation area.


Scheherazade Hammam: This powerful Hammam ritual includes a full-body massage using precious oils. Release muscular tension and joint pain and nourish your skin with intense care and deep hydration.

HAMAM Classic 50 MIN € 89,00

HAMAM Scheherazade 70 MIN € 105,00