Hot stone massage

Indulge in the therapeutic effects of the fascinating synergy of massage, energetic treatment, and the soothing warmth of heated volcanic stones. The heat and soft pressure of the smooth stones guided over large muscle groups with smooth, sweeping strokes deeply penetrate your fatigued skin
and muscles, relieving even the tightest muscles. Heat and pressure ease away tension and promote relaxation. Some of the health benefits of this specialised massage include detoxification, improved circulation, and a boost to your immune system. Your entire being will feel revived and emerge with renewed energy.

50 MIN € 95,00

75 MIN € 145,00

Sports massage

This is a full-body ritual with natural oils. Choose between the precious arnica oil, traditional marmot oil, or the soothing oil from St John’s wort. After the massage, compression wraps are applied to release stress from the joints.


Resting time after treatment: 20 mins

75 MIN € 145,00

Cupping therapy

Cupping is an ancient form of body therapy based on the principle of detoxification, thus freeing the body from toxins and other unwanted substances straining your system. This speciality bodywork treatment uses suction and negative pressure to remove toxins, lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow and tone to muscles and skin. As a type of deep-tissue massage, it also activates specific reflex zones and their corresponding organs. Painful adhesions are successfully released and wellbeing is restored.

50 MIN € 105,00

Alpienne Detox

Aiming to promote holistic detoxification of your body, the treatment begins with a soothing aroma-infused foot bath and continues with a relaxing shoulder massage. Precious Alpienne honey oil nourishes body and soul, followed by targeted stimulation of the head zones of liver and gall bladder. A soft, gentle detoxification massage and honey oil back massage conclude this beautifully revitalising body experience.

70 MIN € 145,00

The Queen of the Alps Vitality Massage

Find deep, lasting relaxation with this restorative massage, which draws on powerful active ingredients from alpine nature. The pine tree, also known as the Queen of the Alps, is known for its regenerating effects on our body. This treatment utilises the potency of precious, carefully selected pine extracts that will invigorate the senses and calm the mind, ultimately restoring your own vitality. Based on the Alpienne method, a blend of mountain-grown arnica and rosemary provides additional relief for tense muscles and stiff joints.

50 MIN € 105,00

Honey massage

In many cultures, honey massages have a long tradition. This kind of massage is used especially for body cleansing and detoxification as well as for holistic relaxation. Thanks to a targeted technique, the body directly absorbs the honey ingredients through the pores of the skin. This encourages the blood flow and metabolism. The high-quality ingredients contained in honey, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fructose, and free amino acids, can thus be directly absorbed by the skin. Moreover, honey contains acetylcholine. It is said to have a positive impact on the kidneys, bowels, and heart.

50 MIN € 95,00

Full body massage

Choose your favourite from our selection of Organic Body Oils and let the skilled hands of our experienced massage therapists take you on your own personal spa journey with this indulgent full-body massage.


Full-body massage with the oil of your choice by Valentina & Philippa:


  • “Nature” | Peace and balance
  • “Vitalizing” | Spirit of the mountains
  • “Calming” | Body harmony

50 MIN € 105,00


Lie down on our preheated massage table and let yourself be pampered by your therapist, gently dousing you with pure water before carefully exfoliating your skin using a silk glove. A sensual massage concludes the purifying ceremony before we invite you to unwind with a cup of tea in our relaxation area.


Scheherazade Hammam: This powerful Hammam ritual includes a full-body massage using precious oils. Release muscular tension and joint pain and nourish your skin with intense care and deep hydration.

HAMAM Classic 50 MIN € 95,00

HAMAM Scheherazade 70 MIN € 125,00