Classic Swedish Massage - partial

As one of the best-known types of bodywork, the Swedish massage combines classic massage technique with targeted treatment of tight muscles with the aim to relax your entire body and enhance performance. You will feel strong and refreshed, ready to take on your day.

25 MIN € 58,00

Classic Swedish Massage - body

As one of the best-known types of bodywork, the Swedish massage combines classic massage technique with targeted treatment of tight muscles with the aim to relax your entire body and enhance performance. You will feel strong and refreshed, ready to take on your day.

50 MIN € 95,00

75 MIN € 145,00

Concentrated Back Massage

This intense massage geared to ease away pain and strengthen your back is based on the skilled combination of classic massage tech-niques, including fascial therapy and trigger point massage. Healing warmth and cupping techniques provide additional relief.

50 MIN € 95,00

The Queen of the Alps Vitality Massage

A special highlight of the treatment is the use of heated pine rods, gently applied to your body together with rhythmic tapping and acupressure techniques. Feel tension melt away and activate your body’s own healing powers through this clever combination of targeted stimulation therapy and body meditation. The exquisite scent of pine will accompany the treatment throughout and ensure a truly fragrant experience.

50 MIN € 95,00

Foot Reflexology

Our feet carry us, keep us moving, and connect us to the earth. It is time to give them a break, and treat them with this specialised form of massage, focusing on specific acupressure points on the soles of our feet. Indulge in the blissful feeling of deep relaxation.

25 MIN € 58,00

50 MIN € 95,00

Combination Massage
(Back Massage and Reflexology)

Introduce yourself to a new form of relaxation and healing. Enjoy the ideal time-out with our combined back massage and foot reflexology treatment, specifically developed to relax and restore.

50 MIN € 95,00

Scalp and Neck Massage

Based on light stretching exercises and targeted massage of your scalp, shoulders, and neck, this results-driven massage releases tension, helps you remove stress from your body, and promotes relaxation.

25 MIN € 58,-

Fascial Therapy

Melt away deep-seated tension in your body. Fasciae are the tissues that hold you together, wrapping each of your fibres and bundles of muscle, as well as every bone, nerve, and organ. Fascial therapy dissolves any imbalances and releases blockages in this connective tissue for renewed strength as well as smooth and unrestricted movement of your muscles. Manual pressure stimulation is combined with different techniques to penetrate deep into your muscles, removing adhesions, and creating a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage in the most effective and targeted way.

50 MIN € 95,00

Dorn Breuss – Gentle Spinal Realignment

The Dorn Method is a gentle, efficient and simple spinal and joint treatment. Uneven leg length is compensated by correcting the alignment of pelvis, sacrum and spine. A Breuss Massage is a subtle, energetic back massage using St John’s wort oil. Relaxes the muscles, helps release tension, stimulates the rejuvenation of undersupplied intervertebral discs and relieves back pain.

70 MIN € 155,00

Time for Yourself Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy combines a range of targeted techniques and approaches, offering individual therapy according to your body’s needs. Optimally suited to accompany you on your journey to recovery, physiotherapy fights soreness and stiffness and aids in restoring mobility after an extended period of inactivity or injury. Highly qualified therapists are here to work with you to help you get back control of your health.

25 MIN € 65,-

50 MIN € 105,-

75 MIN € 155,-

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a specialised massage technique that removes blockages and drains fluid retained in your body. Rhythmic circular, pumping massage strokes stimulate the lym-phatic system, supporting your body’s natural detoxification and invoking a new sense of lightness.

50 MIN € 89,00

75 MIN € 135,00

Lymphatic Drainage Facial with Ear Candle Treatment

Ear candling is a time-honoured natural remedy used in Native American medicine. This treatment releases tension in your head and ears, and adjusts pressure in the ears. Ear candling is highly recommended for relief of tinnitus, rhinitis and migraine. Moving the ear candle’s flame causes vibratory waves that gently massage the ears and eardrums.

50 MIN € 95,00

Alpienne "Detox"

This highly efficient detox treatment by Alpi-enne combines zeolite, honey, and high-potent plant extracts. Aiming to promote holistic detoxification of your body, the treatment begins with a soothing aroma-infused foot bath and continues with a relaxing shoulder massage. Precious Alpienne honey oil nourishes body and soul, followed by targeted stimulation of the head zones of liver and gall bladder. A soft, gentle detoxification massage and honey oil back massage conclude this beautifully revitalising body experience.

70 MIN € 145,00

Hot Stone Massage

Indulge in the therapeutic effects of the fascinating synergy of massage, energetic treatment, and the soothing warmth of heated volcanic stones. The heat and soft pressure of the smooth stones guided over large muscle groups with smooth, sweeping strokes deeply penetrate your fatigued skin and muscles, relieving even the tightest muscles.

50 MIN € 95,00

75 MIN € 145,00